Goods being stored Space estimate
A locker or cupboard worth of items 2m3 – 4m3
One room worth of items 7m3 – 10m3
The contents of a one bedroom unit or house 10m3 – 20m3
The contents of a two bedroom unit or house 20m3 – 27m3
The contents of a two to three bedroom house 27m3 – 40m3
The contents of a three to four bedroom house 40m3 – 50m3

Example spaces available at Mako Self Storage

Height Floor Area Cubic Space
1.7 m high 2.2m x 1m 3.7
2.7 m high 1.25m x 3m 10
3.0 m high 1.5m x 3m 13.5
2.7 m high 1.7m x 3.2m 14.6
3.0 m high 1.9m x 3.2m 18.0
2.7 m high 2.2m x 3.2m 19.0
2.7 m high 2.5m x 3m 20.3
2.7 m high 2.75m x 3m 22.3
2.7 m high 3.1m x 3.2m 27.0
3.3 m high 1.9m x 1.9m 12
3.3 m high 2.5m x 3m 24.8
3.3 m high 2.5m x 3.2m 26.4
3.3 m high 3.05m x 3m 30.2
3.3 m high 4m x 2.5m 36.3