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What are the methods of payment?


Electronic funds transfer is the preferred method of payment. We also have a convenient eDebit facility to pay the monthly fee automatically from your bank account or credit card on the 26th of each month.

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When do I have to pay?


Some fees are payable on the day you sign up and receive your access key, depending on the commencement date. Ongoing fees are payable monthly in advance per calendar month. You will receive an invoice about the middle of each month by email or to your postal address for subsequent months. You may pay for longer [...]

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What security do you provide?


Our storage units are protected by monitored alarm systems. Access to the building is restricted to storage customers and staff only. Our access control system will check you in on arrival and there will be a log of all comings and goings should there be any issues.

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When can I have access?


You can access your belongings 6 days a week during our open hours. Monday to Fridays: 6am to 7pm Saturdays: 6am to 6pm Sundays only by prior arrangement with Mako Self Storage.

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How much will storage cost?


This depends on the size of the space you require. Refer to the "Estimator" link above. For a range of available sizes and prices please request a quote.

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Is insurance included in the price?


No but if needed we can help through our insurance broker and their rates are quite reasonable. Many customers transfer or add the value of their stored goods to their existing home and contents insurance policy. If this is not possible let us know.

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What can I store in my storage unit?


You can store anything in your storage unit, from household furniture to office archives. Items which are hazardous, inflammable, explosive, environmentally harmful, perishable, illegal or stolen equipment are not permitted to be stored.

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How do I book a storage unit?


Bookings can be made by phone on 9453 9199, by email or we can arrange a time for an inspection of the facility that suits you.

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What is involved in signing up?


We use the standard storage agreement approved by the Australian Self Storage Association and we will go through all the terms and conditions with you. You also need to bring photo identification and a padlock to lock your storage unit. Only you hold the key to your storage unit.

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